A seventeenth-century anatomist with a yellow flower

Atlantis in Sweden

Atlantis in Sweden
A grey stone in an autumn landscape

Reaching for Atlantis

Reaching for Atlantis
Deities carved onto an ancient artifact

The Team

The Team

The Team

Reaching for Atlantis collaborates with partners from different nations – here you can find information about our 'core team'!

Portrait of Bernhard Schirg holding a miniature statue of the Hercules Farnese over his head
© Daniel Kunzfeld for the VolkswagenStiftung.

Bernhard Schirg (project leader)

Bernhard leads the Reaching for Atlantis team. As a Freigeist-scholar, he is at home in the fascinating world of Sweden’s last Renaissance man – both intellectually and physically.

Bernhard delights in instilling curiosity, building bridges, and creating connections. Like a truffle pig, he forages in the special reading rooms at obscure libraries as well as in the landscapes of Sweden, always eager to explore new ways to bring you the stories he comes across and to rekindle your sense of wonder.

Portrait of Lutz Lindemann

Lutz Lindemann (Art Director)

As a creative mind, Lutz covers a further key demand of Reaching for Atlantis – the need for effective communication.

We are one of the few academic projects privileged to work with a personal art director. Lutz, who has an impressive background in communication and design, joined our team in November 2021.

At the moment, he is drafting new web presences to visualize the stunning stories behind objects and landscapes.

Former team members

Portrait of Bastienne Karg

Bastienne Karg

Bastienne supported Reaching for Atlantis as project assistant from June 2021 to May 2022. During this time, she was the architect behind the systematics of the Peek into Atlantis-database.

Bastienne accompanied us on our path towards storytelling by brainstorming storyboards. As sound-recorder, photographer, and editor, she produced media on site and supported our project's live-events by organizing and VJ-ing.